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200W High Power Zhihai Power New Style LED Billboard Fixtures with CE&RoHS

200W High Power Zhihai Power New Style LED Billboard Fixtures with CE&RoHS

120lm/w osram chip make the LED billboard fixtures more brighter
It has a new housing design with visor
Good color rendering, vivid colors under the light.


200W High Power Zhihai Power New Style LED Billboard Fixtures with CE&RoHS

At present, most outdoor billboard lighting, the use of high-power metal halide lamps, electricity consumption is very large, the annual cost of electricity accounted for more than 70% of the total investment costs. And our LED Billboard Fixtures, which is low-cost and green environmental protection.

Shine, rain or shine. High-quality waterproof tempered glass, stable structure, flexible silicone sealant sealing high-strength, high hardness, pressure, collision resistance. High-efficient waterproof, withstand severe wind and rain impact is not affected by any use. Prevent thunder and lightning, using high-quality waterproof tempered glass, can effectively prevent thunder and lightning. Anti-general blow, light surface using tempered glass, light body using precision aluminum, pressure, collision-resistant. Anti-corrosion, heat-resistant, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and electrochemical corrosion. 180 degrees can be adjusted integrated molding lamp body, can be based on your installation needs to change the angle at will. In addition to the screw fixed lamp body, there are bracket.

 Features & Characteristic:

*Patented all-in-one design, ideal product for all project.

*Featuring OSRAM LED chips, outstanding energy saving performance.

*Patented power supply technology, electricity surge and overheating auto-protection.

*Patented heat dissipation technology, 50000 hours long life with minimum luminous decay.

*Universal input voltage, AC / DC both work without any adapter or transformer.

*High power factor to minimize total harmonic distortion.

*Instant start and flicker free to reduce the eyestrain.

*Very even light distribution and high uniformity, no glare to eyes.

*DC 12V and 24V version also available for solar power and other applications. 


Model of 200W LED Flood LightZHGL-200A
Power ConsumptionLEDs:180W
Lamp Efficiency:22000lm
Replace HID Lamp:500-800W
Net Weight:10kg (22lbs)
Color Temperature:4000K(Warm White)/6000K(Cool White)
Color Rendering:Ra80
Working Life:50000HrS
Housing:Copper Free Aluminum
Finish:Cathode EPD
IP Class:IP65(Upgradeable To IP67)
Insulation Class:Class I (Upgradeable To Class II)
Working Humidity:10%~95%
AC Input:80~315Vac,(347Vac Available On Request)
DC Input:80~400Vdc,(12Vdc,24Vdc And Other Input Available On Request)
Power Factor:0.98
WarrantyLED Module:5 Year
Driver:5 Year
Housing:10 Year


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Project our lights fixturs engage in:

 Calgary International Airport Canada--ZHIHAI 150W LED HIGH BAY LIGHT; ZHHB-150A


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Green energy conservation has been the current lighting industry from the technology to the application of the constant pursuit of the concept, whether in the domestic or in the global lighting market. The current lighting industry is undergoing a revolutionary renewal period, the incandescent light industry will gradually be replaced. Therefore, with the increasing awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, the issue of energy conservation and emission reduction has been strengthened, and many countries and regions in the world have promulgated green lighting related policies to support the development of LED lighting industry, LED lighting industry is developing.

The LED is a green light source. LED lamp DC Drive, no strobe; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and has a strong direction of luminescence, dimming performance, color temperature changes will not produce visual error, cold light source of low calorific value, can be safe to touch; It can not only provide a comfortable lighting space, but also to meet the physical health needs of people, is to protect eyesight and environmental protection of the health light.

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