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Zhihai Tool-less Mounting 120W LED High Bay Fixtures Industrial Lighting Products

Zhihai Tool-less Mounting 120W LED High Bay Fixtures Industrial Lighting Products

150w led high bay light Patent design, ideal for different applications 5-5-10 year warranty
Osram/Cree LED chips, 120 lm/w system efficiency
80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours
0-10Vdc dimming driver available Built-in surge protection


Zhihai Tool-less Mounting 120W LED High Bay Fixtures Industrial Lighting Products


Multi-angle spherical reflective design, combined with electrostatic spraying plastic treatment of one-time die-casting pure aluminum reflective process, concentrating performance and reflective efficiency of a comprehensive upgrade, luminous efficiency than similar products to improve 20%, energy-saving efficiency higher, better heat dissipation, longer life, the application of a wider range of product market competitiveness further promotion.

All aspects of heat dissipation, maximize contact with the air area, high efficiency to provide cooling speed. The use of high-performance aluminum, aluminum content 99.6%, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance; each scale is distributed hollow hole and groove design, strengthen the scale, increase the heat dissipation area, optimize the air duct, three-dimensional heat dissipation.

 Features & Characteristic:         150w led high bay light

  • This 120W LED High Bay Light is our patent design, and it is an ideal product for different applications.

  • 5-5-10 year warranty

  • It adopt Osram/Cree LED chips, and it can reach 120 lm/w system efficiency.

  • 80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours

  • 0-10Vdc dimming driver available

  • Built-in surge protection

  • The LED high bay light is provided with a fan cooling, the light body temperature is lower, is advantageous to guarantee the product quality, lengthens the lamp service life, uses the die-casting aluminum material, the heat conduction performance is good, the corrosion resistance; each scale has the hollow hole and the groove design, strengthens the scale, increases the heat dissipation area, optimizes the air duct, the stereoscopic heat dissipation.

  • Flexable mounting bracket with this led high bay light.30 or 60 degree reflector are available.

  • Universal input without additional adapter, 80-315Vac, 80-400Vdc

  • Instant start and flicker free

  • High uniformity and color rendering

  • Universal input without additional adapter 

Product Photos:      

 120W LED High Bay Fixtures .jpg




120W LED High Bay Fixtures.jpg


Parameter Table:      150w led high bay light

Model of high bay 

pendent lighting 


Power ConsumptionLEDs12W 
Initial Lumen Lamp(6000K)13200Im
Replace HID Lamp250-300W 
DimensionLamp Body: 263*263*155mm / Lamp Shade:400mm
Net Weight8Kg(17.61lbs)
Color Temperature2000K-6000K
Color RenderingRa80
Working Life50000Hrs
Housiong MaterialAluminum
Insulation ClassClass I (Upgradeable to Class II)
Working Temperature-40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity10% ~ 95%
AC Input 80 ~ 315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
DC Input 80 ~ 400Vdc, (12Vdc, 24Vdc and other input available on request)
Power Factor0.98
WarrantyLED Module5 year
Driver5 year
Housing10 year

30 and 60 degree beam angle lighting distribution:


120W LED High Bay Fixtures .png

Beam Available:       150w led high bay light 




  Product Dimension :        150w led high bay light

 120W LED High Bay Fixtures




Typical Application:      150w led high bay light

Factory | Warehouse | Shopping Mall | Gymnasium | Show Room | Architecture | Plant Area | Petrol Station

If the factory is taller then the luminaire is mounted at the top and the illuminance is calculated to determine the power of the luminaire. It can also be set in the large factory buildings in the local lighting whether the top or low, the overall or local. Because the plant working time is long, power consumption, large plant space, brightness darK and very expensive, so ensure that the start, restart time fast, Light loss stability, help to protect eyesight, and to use long life, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our Projects:         150w led high bay light



120W LED High Bay Fixtures .jpg

Packaging & Shipping

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Company Information

Zhihai Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, before 2006 we were one of the most advanced provider of power supply.In 2006, adopted the technology of our electronic and thermal control experience, we started and moved to the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of LED lighting, and very quickly, we became one of the leading and most professional LED lighting company in China. We are working on high quality and professional LED lighting products, and more than manufacture, we are also providing our clients with lighting layout design and brightness calculation of projects. Zhihai would always be your first choice of professional LED lighting supplier.

 120W LED High Bay Fixtures



Selina Chen / Business Department / Hong Kong Zhihai Investment Limited

Manufacturer: Zhihai Power Technology / Block A, West Electronic Community, Xi'an, 710061, China


Skype: selinachen222

Mob:+86 18291887516

120W LED High Bay Fixtures .jpg

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