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2017 New Designed Factory Direct Supply Highbay LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures

2017 New Designed Factory Direct Supply Highbay LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant Lighting Fixtures with UL TUV EMC CE SAA certification
120lm/w and 15 20 60 120 140deg beam angle


New Designed Factory Direct Supply Highbay LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Description of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures :

LED high bay pendent lighting in a relatively high cost-effective, good enough product performance, user-friendly price, consistent commitment and uncompromising product quality. Super bright, no radiation, super power, the night of the lamp, earn break the shady, illuminate your way forward. The use of glass transparent enclosures, high-temperature, high transmittance, the use of integrated import lamp beads, energy saving and environmental protection, no start-up delay. The use of aviation aluminum, heat dissipation is strong, safe and good. This led pendent lighting is in the production workshop, it can ensure the safety of work. The workers are able to work in a bright factory. Your satisfaction is our greatest wish.

  1. High reliability, especially like LED street lamp driving power supply, installed in the High-altitude, has a waterproof aluminum shell drive power supply, good quality is not easy to bad, reduce the number of maintenance.

  2. 2. High efficiency LED is energy-saving products, the efficiency of driving power is higher. It is especially important for the structure of the power supply led drive power supply in the luminaire. Because the LED's luminous efficiency decreases with the increase of LED temperature, so the cooling of LED is very important. The efficiency of the power supply is high, its attrition power is small, the calorific value in the lamp is small, also reduces the lamp temperature rise. It is advantageous to delay the LED's light failure.

Typical Applications of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures:

Highway | Main Street | Normal Road | Laneway | Park | Garden | Parking Area

Features & Characteristic of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures:

*Patented all-in-one design, ideal product for factory,gas station,parking lot,stadium.

*Featuring OSRAM LED chips, outstanding energy saving performance.

*Patented power supply technology, electricity surge and overheating auto-protection.

*Patented heat dissipation technology, 50000 hours long life with minimum luminous decay.

*Universal input voltage, AC / DC both work without any adapter or transformer.

*High power factor to minimize total harmonic distortion.

*Instant start and flicker free to reduce the eyestrain.

*Very even light distribution and high uniformity, no glare to eyes.

*Good color rendering, vivid colors under the light.

Specification of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures:

Model of led low bayZHGL-270A
Power ConsumptionLEDs:243W
Lamp Efficiency:32400lm
Replace HID Lamp:600W-1000W
Net Weight:8Kg(17.6lbs)
Color Temperature:4000K(Warm White)/6000K(Cool White)
Color Rendering:≥Ra80
Working Life:≥50000Hrs
Housing:Copper Free Aluminum
IP Class:IP65(Upgradeable To IP67)
Insulation Class:Class I (Upgradeable To Class II)
Working Humidity:10%~95%
AC Input:80~315Vac,(347Vac Available On Request)
DC Input:80~400Vdc,(12Vdc,24Vdc And Other Input Available On Request)
Power Factor:≥0.98
WarrantyLED Module:5 Year
Driver:5 Year
Housing:10 Year

Projects photos of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures:

LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures


LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Warranty Service of LED Pendant Lighting Fixtures


Contact Information:

Selina Chen

Sales  Manager

Tel:  +86-29-88258603 EXT:820

Mobile  Phone: +86-18291887516

Email  : selina@zh-lighting.com


A major achievement Refond Optoelectronics has attained to advance the stability of its LED packages was the ultimate solution-IPSL, a significant know-how Refond Opto. developed to outperform its rivals by adding a thin layer of IPSL to cover the surface of the silver plate to prevent the formation of sulfur dioxide and stabilize the luminous flux of the package.


In retrospect, the joint momentum from markets of fine-pitch display and high efficient lighting boosted the demand for small-scale chips, leading the supply in the market to become tightened and prices of certain chips rose. HC SemiTek ramped up its production capacity in response, causing the concentration ratio and profitability of the company continue to increase. At the fair, HC SemiTek showcased a myriad of chip series- the High-voltage ‘Bright’ series, the Filament ‘Glorious’ series, the Flip ‘Shining’ series and the chip series for IR LEDs, LED backlights and displays, each of which featured properties specifically for a certain application.

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