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UL CE RoHS Certification 100W 120W High Bay Shop Lights 150W Led Warehouse Lighting

Using the Osram/Cree LED chips, high-power led as a light source, with high thermal conductivity, light decay, light color pure, no ghosting and other characteristics;
unique radiator design, and the perfect combination of electrical box, effective heat conduction diffusion, effective to ensure the light source and power supply life;
anodized surface for anti-corrosion treatment, structural aesthetics, anti-corrosion Reflective cover plus glass dust-proof cover, waterproof, dustproof performance is good, energy-saving effect is obvious, using high-power LED light source is equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, compared with incandescent lamp can save more than 70%;


UL CE RoHS Certification LED High Bay 100W 120W High Bay Shop Lights 150W LED Lights for Warehouse


This led high bay light uses osram LED chip, thick aluminum material super heat dissipation, long service life. The radiator is made of thickened aluminum, 60% of the heat at the same time an additional 2 years of service life, but only increased the cost of 5%, efficient heat dissipation effect. Long time to turn on the light is not afraid of overheating on the lighting effect, safe and reliable. Before selling the led high bay light, they will be carried on the power test, guarantees the power foot tile.

Features & Characteristic:         150w led high bay light

  • Patent design, ideal for different applications

  • 5-5-10 year warranty

  • Osram/Cree LED chips, 120 lm/w system efficiency*

  • 80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours

  • 0-10Vdc dimming driver available

  • Built-in surge protection

  • Built-in thermal protection

  • Maintenance free

  • Mercury free, No UV or IR

  • Universal input without additional adapter, 80-315Vac, 80-400Vdc

  • Instant start and flicker free

  • High uniformity and color rendering

  • Universal input without additional adapter 

Parameter Table:      150w led high bay light

Model of 150W Led Warehouse LightingZHHB-120A 
Power ConsumptionLEDs12W 
Initial Lumen Lamp(6000K)13200Im
Replace HID Lamp250-300W 
DimensionLamp Body: 263*263*155mm / Lamp Shade:400mm
Net Weight8Kg(17.61lbs)
Color Temperature2000K-6000K
Color RenderingRa80
Working Life50000Hrs
Housiong MaterialAluminum
Insulation ClassClass I (Upgradeable to Class II)
Working Temperature-40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity10% ~ 95%
AC Input 80 ~ 315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
DC Input 80 ~ 400Vdc, (12Vdc, 24Vdc and other input available on request)
Power Factor0.98
WarrantyLED Module5 year
Driver5 year
Housing10 year

30 and 60 degree beam angle lighting distribution:

150w led high bay light 



Typical Application:      150w led high bay light

Factory | Warehouse | Shopping Mall | Gymnasium | Show Room | Architecture | Plant Area | Petrol Station

Our Projects:         150w led high bay light

Packaging & Shipping

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 Contact Information:

Selina Chen / Business Department / Hong Kong Zhihai Investment Limited

Manufacturer: Zhihai Power Technology / Block A, West Electronic Community, Xi'an, 710061, China


Tel: +86-29-88258603 EXT:820

Mobile Phone: +86-18291887516

Email : selina@zh-lighting.com


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