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UL DLC Approval Photocell IP65 Waterproof Warehouse Light Fixtures 100 Watt High Bay Light

120lm/w osram led chip for 100 Watt High Bay Warehouse
Dimming or Sensor are all available
high power led light with lower price, welcome to buy and send an request.


UL DLC Approval Photocell IP65 Waterproof Warehouse Light Fixtures 100 Watt High Bay Light

Introduction of 100 Watt High Bay Light:

LED high bay light indicates high ra>70. LED mining lighting efficiency, more energy-saving, equivalent to 100W of LED high bay light can replace the traditional 250W traditional industrial and mining lights. The traditional light source has the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, the lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, lamp temperature is low, more safe, belongs to the cold drive.

Features & Characteristic of 100 Watt High Bay Light:         150w led high bay light

  • Patent design, it is ideal for different applications

  • 5-5-10 year warranty

  • Osram/Cree LED chips, 120 lm/w system efficiency

  • 80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours

  • 0-10Vdc dimming driver available

  • Built-in surge protection and built-in thermal protection

  • Maintenance free for this 100 watt high bay warehouse

  • Mercury free, No UV or IR

  • Universal input without additional adapter, 80-315Vac, 80-400Vdc

  • Instant start and flicker free

  • High uniformity and color rendering

  • Universal input without additional adapter 

Parameter Table of 100 Watt High Bay Light:      150w led high bay light

Model of warehouse-light-fixturesZHHB-120A 
Power ConsumptionLEDs12W 
Initial Lumen Lamp(6000K)13200Im
Replace HID Lamp250-300W 
DimensionLamp Body: 263*263*155mm / Lamp Shade:400mm
Net Weight8Kg(17.61lbs)
Color Temperature2000K-6000K
Color RenderingRa80
Working Life50000Hrs
Housiong MaterialAluminum
Insulation ClassClass I (Upgradeable to Class II)
Working Temperature-40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity10% ~ 95%
AC Input 80 ~ 315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
DC Input 80 ~ 400Vdc, (12Vdc, 24Vdc and other input available on request)
Power Factor0.98
WarrantyLED Module5 year
Driver5 year
Housing10 year

30 and 60 degree beam angle lighting distribution:


100 Watt High Bay Light

Typical Application of 100 Watt High Bay Light:      150w led high bay light

Applicable to factories, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, Chemical Workshop, plant, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, smelting and other inflammable and explosive sites for light or floodlight lighting. This Warehouse Light Fixtures 100 Watt is widely used in factories, warehouses, supermarkets and other large-scale fruit shops need high-brightness lighting place. Can directly replace the traditional E40 lamp socket lamp, convenient installation and maintenance. Can directly replace the traditional E40 interface lamp 400 watts, to achieve a very energy-saving effect.

Certification of 100 Watt High Bay Light:

100 Watt High Bay Light

100 Watt High Bay Light

Packaging & Shipping of 100 Watt High Bay Light

Model code












 100 Watt High Bay Light 

Contact Information:

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Email : selina@zh-lighting.com

As a family of LED lamps, the use of LED warehouse lighting in the industrial field is very extensive. Its safety and efficiency, by the major industrial enterprises of all ages. , LED mining lamp life, although very long, but if do a good job of LED warehouse lighting maintenance work, will increase the life of warehouse lighting.   So how to do a good job of the LED industrial lamp maintenance? 

1, buy back the LED warehouse lighting, do not be busy installing, should carefully read the installation instructions, and then follow the installation instructions in accordance with good led mining lights, otherwise there may be danger;

 2, in the use of LED warehouse lighting as far as possible not frequent switch, although the LED mining lamp resistance switch is the ordinary fluorescent lamp about 18 times times, But too frequent will still affect the LED high bay light internal electronic components life, thus affecting the LED miner's lamp life;


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